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Ръчно рисувани икони -  СВЕТИИ

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Boards for Icon painting

Boards for Icon painting

We offer high quality boards for iconography of wood - linden.

The boards are made with great care and attention in our carpentry workshop in Sofia.

We choose only quality dry material for making the boards.

We also offer boards with placed "koshatci" - assembly with transverse support elements of beech on the back of the board.

In this way, the board is better protected from bending and has a traditional antique look.

With us you can also find primed boards - with applied textiles and high quality primer.

We apply a primer and sand it until we get a smooth surface.

This type of boards are ready to paint immediately.

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Аccurate dimensions: 39,7 cm x 30 cm..
37 лева
 39,7 cm x 30 cm x 1,8 cm..
20 лева
39,7 cm x 30 cm x 2,8 cm..
25 лева
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