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Ръчно рисувани икони -  СВЕТИИ

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Hand Painted multi-figure icons - SVETII

We present you icons painted by Irina Stoyanova.

The icons are entirely handmade. The base is made of solid linden wood. A cotton cloth is glued on it. The canvas is covered with a fine primer. On the base prepared in this way it is painted by hand with icon-painting technique - application of tempera paints and natural pigments mixed with egg emulsion, following the cannons and the technology of the old masters. The halos of the images are made of gilding - 23.7 carats of pure gold. A finishing acrylic varnish is placed on top - for protection and preservation of the icon-painting layer and the gold.

You can also order a custom icon.

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Аn icon - hand-painted by Irina Stoyanova.A traditional Byzantine painting technique was used - tempera paints with egg emulsion.Gilding - gold foil and go..
990 лева
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