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Ръчно рисувани икони -  СВЕТИИ

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Painted multi-figure icons

We present you icons painted by Irina Stoyanova.

To make the icons, a traditional Byzantine and Bulgarian painting technique was used - tempera paints or natural pigments with egg emulsion.

Gilding - with pure gold 23.7 carats or with gold metal foil.

The icons are based on wood - very well dried wood,

on which a pad for painting from fabric and chalk is built.

The painting layer is covered with high quality varnish.

The price for each of the icons is specified when negotiating. The price depends on:

- icon size;

- complexity of the icon;

- materials that will be used for its production;

- available production time.

For all icons in the category is indicated as a price - 0 BGN. This means: Negotiation.

Аn icon - hand-painted by Irina Stoyanova.A traditional Byzantine painting technique was used - tempera paints with egg emulsion.Gilding - gold foil and go..
1,200 лева
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