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Ръчно рисувани икони -  СВЕТИИ

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This site presents hand-painted icons by Irina Stoyanova. The icons you will see have been ordered, made and are already a gracious property of families in Bulgaria. You could also order an icon - the same, similar or with a completely new image - of your choice. We assure you that you will receive a work of the highest quality.

Irina used an old traditional technology, preserved in Bulgaria by generations of icon painters, for hundreds of years.

The icons are handwritten with great diligence, faith, love and prayer.

We believe that our icons will be a window of grace and support to you, your families, relatives and friends.

Irina Stoyanova graduated from the Technical University in Sofia and has long worked as a programmer and creator of educational computer games for children, presented on the site:

Irina has been working hard on icon painting since 2017. She is studying the techniques of creating Orthodox icons in a course on Icon Painting at the Church of the Intercession of the Virgin in Sofia, with teacher Mladenka Landzheva.
You could request the icons shown in our gallery in the same or different size, and also make a completely new icon to your order. 

Contact us to discuss your idea for an icon. 



“I am very pleased with the icon of St. Theodore Stratilate. Thank you.”


“I was extremely pleased when I received the icon of St. Charalampy!”